WhatsApp offers tips to spot fake news after India murders



As per them, this testing is part of beta version 2.18.204 for Android, which will be released soon. As per WABetaInfo, the app will now have suspicious link detection functionality. As per the report, when you receive a message that contains a link, WhatsApp analyses the link in order to detect if it may redirect to a fake or alternative website.

Once the app detects any suspicious link, it will then mark the link with a red label to let users easily differentiate between a fake and genuine link.

Election related information is a core area that WhatsApp is looking at, along with questions on processing problematic events, virality, and digital literacy. If the link looks dubious there will be a "Suspicious Link" message added to it.

WAInfoBeta has stressed on the fact that no packet of information shall be sent to any external servers, and the suspicious link activity test shall be performed locally. Hence, WhatsApp is now testing a new "Suspicious Link Detection" feature which will help users identify if a message they have received is fake or not. We can anticipate WhatsApp to launch this function shortly. Will it also detect fake news websites trying to piggyback off the name of a legitimate news source, or will it be exclusively target phishing websites, or sites with dodgy security measures or a ton of spam? Lastly, there is the feature where if you received a WhatsApp message, you can find out if it was sent by the sender or forwarded from someone else.

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WhatsApp has a pretty extensive list of features, but the Facebook-owned company is always adding more. The feature will surely help users to avoid spam links that are forwarded every day in groups and to normal chats in plain sight.

Conveying its deep disapproval to the top brass of WhatsApp, the Ministry of Electronics and IT (MEITY) stated that the company "cannot evade accountability and responsibility", according to the official statement.

Endless scrolling down Instagram's news feed to see if you missed anything may become a thing of the past.

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