Your Samsung cell phone could send your photos in random text messages

A camera and fingerprint reader sit on the rear casing of Galaxy S9 smartphones in London on Feb. 22 2018

Your Samsung cell phone could send your photos in random text messages

Gizmodo writes that reports of this concerning issue have been posted to the official Samsung forums and to Reddit.

"Last night around 2.30am, my phone sent her my entire photo gallery over text but there was no record of it on my messages app".

Frighteningly, the app doesn't even show users that the files have been sent - they're only finding out when they get a response from the recipient of the random photos.

While there have been no known similar customer reports globally, we will continue to investigate this issue further. Until then, there are two easy fixes for the concerned users: 1. Samsung Messages is the default messaging app on Samsung phones.

If you use a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you may want to pay a visit to your phone's settings (Settings- Apps- Samsung Messages- Permissions- Storage) and deny Samsung Messages the ability to access your phone's storage.

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Samsung acknowledged an inquiry from Gizmodo that it was aware of the bug and that it is now working on a fix. This problem has been reported on Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, Note 8 phones. The update was meant to improve its capabilities by switching from the existing SMS protocol to the more capable RCS (Rich Communication Services).

This person was fortunate enough for their pictures to have been leaked to their partner, however, the photos may have just as easily been sent to someone's boss, coworker, or anyone else in their contacts.

The T-Mobile update seems to be occurring automatically, and many users may not realize their phones have already updated.

T-Mobile, one of the carriers that have implemented RCS, says "It's not a T-Mobile issue", and is referring users back to Samsung. On Samsung's Galaxy S9 support board, a user said Samsung Messages became buggy after an T-Mobile RCS/advanced messaging update on his phone.

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