YouTube to Fund Handpicked 'Authoritative News Sources' and Push Them on Users

YouTube to Fund Handpicked 'Authoritative News Sources' and Push Them on Users

YouTube to Fund Handpicked 'Authoritative News Sources' and Push Them on Users

Already available in 17 countries including the United States and UK, YouTube's Top News and Breaking News will display videos from known news sources in relevant search results for the former, and as a section on the home page in regards to the latter.

To help with this contextualization, YouTube will also be teaming up with a variety of organizations that are dedicated to digital literacy education, particularly with MediaWise, which aims to help a million U.S. teens discern legitimate sources from fake news. However, officials offered only vague descriptions of which sources YouTube will consider authoritative.

The video platform will also provide funding to news organisations around the world, helping them to build sustainable video operations.

"Today, we're announcing steps we're taking with the Google News Initiative to support the future of news in online video, and product features we've been working on to improve the news experience on YouTube". The money would not fund video creation. Starting Monday, users will begin seeing information from third parties, including Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica, alongside videos in that category.

YouTube will also be enlisting the help of some of the platform's popular creators to educate consumers - specifically kids - about fake news.

The platform, which has over 1.8 billion monthly active users, has been criticized for not cracking down enough on rumors and conspiracy theories that bubble up during major breaking news events.

So YouTube aims to short-circuit the misinformation loop with text stories that can quickly provide more accurate information.

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Google-owned YouTube on Tuesday announced a few improvements it intends to make to the news discovery and viewing experience.

YouTube's new news format is due to be rolled out in coming weeks, according to post on the company's blog, signed by Neal Mohan, the company's chief product officer, and Robert Kyncl, chief business officer.

This will include short previews of news articles in YouTube search results on key breaking stories.

As part of the partnership with MediaWise, six YouTube creators - including John Green, Ingrid Nilsen and Mark Watson - will be creating videos meant to raise awareness about digital literacy and help educate teens about identifying legit sources of news and information.

When a breaking news event happens, another new feature called "Breaking News" shelf will highlight videos from news organisations about that event directly on the YouTube homepage.

Google said in March that it planned to tweak the company's mighty search algorithms to help filter out fake news.

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