All-time records nearly fall on day of scorching sun across Europe

All-time records nearly fall on day of scorching sun across Europe

All-time records nearly fall on day of scorching sun across Europe

Spain and Portugal faced another exceptionally hot day Saturday as a heat wave that has killed three people in Spain threatened to raise temperatures to record levels.

The country is on alert to prevent a repeat of its worst fires in history previous year when 114 people died.

Spain's all-time high temperature record stands at 117.1°F, or 47.3°C, set on July 13, 2017.

"People with heart and lung conditions, older people and young children can all struggle in warmer weather as their bodies find it more hard to cope with higher temperatures", O'Connell wrote.

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern commented on the conditions: "A dry and warm one for most places this weekend, but there will be cloudy skies at times in the north west and it will be damp as well occasionally for Scotland's islands and highlands".

Europe's heatwave gripped Spain and Portugal on Friday, as governments checked for forest fires, a Budapest game reserve fed its animals iced snacks and a Finnish supermarket invited customers to sleep over to stay cool.

The long, hot summer has been so consistent that it has put a strain on German breweries, who have sold so much beer that there is a bottle shortage - bouncing back from record low sales a year ago.

It comes as another blast of hot weather returns to parts of the UK.

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Europe is set to reach its hottest day ever as unsafe temperatures up to 48C are expected to hit Spain and Portugal this weekend. Portuguese weather forecasters said the hot air from North Africa also brought particles of sand, which tend to subdue maximum temperatures slightly.

Two men died of heat-stroke in the southeastern region of Murcia, Cadena Ser radio station reported on Wednesday.

The scorching temperatures show no sign of falling.

A boy jumps from a dock to the sea during a hot summer day in Barcelona, Spain.

The mercury hit an eye-watering 46.6C (115.9F) in the Spanish town of El Granado at 4pm on Saturday, falling just 0.3C (32.5F) shy of a national high and 1.4C (34.5F) away from a continental record.

Fawkes explained that an area of low pressure next to Morocco will stop the cool Atlantic air from reaching Spain and Portugal, instead causing the already heated air from France to remain. "That pattern is something we wouldn't be seeing without climate change", Stott said.

The global picture: The latest heat wave comes in the wake of the hottest-ever day on the Korean Peninsula, hottest July in Finland, the hottest-ever month at any location in the U.S.

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