Apple reaches new landmark with US$1 trillion valuation

Apple reaches new landmark with US$1 trillion valuation

Apple reaches new landmark with US$1 trillion valuation

After becoming the first $1 trillion publicly-listed U.S. company on Thursday, Apple last traded up 0.1 percent at $207.57 (roughly Rs. 14,200) after falling as low as $205.48 (roughly Rs. 14,000) and as high as $208.74 (roughly Rs. 14,300), as it oscillated around the $207.0425 price that marked the record market cap.

Whether or not Apple can retain this market cap - or close to it - in the long run remains to be seen. Stock buybacks reduce the number of shares a company has on the open market, driving up the price of the remaining shares. It was the time when the co-founder of the company, who was literally shown the door by the board mere few years before, made a decision to come back to turned the table by showing an exponential degree of commitment and confidence.

A few days ago, it was announced that Apple was nearing the trillion dollar mark in terms of their market value. The company estimated a healthy revenue stream of between $60 billion and $62 billion with low operating costs of just $7.95 billion to $8.05 billion. Apple also forecast a strong fourth quarter, posting a revenue guidance of between $60 and $62 billion.

The other company with some claim to be the first valued at $1 trillion is China's state-owned oil company PetroChina.

Apple's shares have been gradually climbing upwards.

Apple still looks relatively cheap even with a trillion dollar valuation.

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Even with its $1,000,000,000,000 stock market value, many analysts do not view Apple's shares as expensive. And good luck arguing that Tim Cook, who has basically been running Apple since 2009, has been a poor steward given that the stock is up some 2,000 percent since then.

Apple has beaten other rival companies including Amazon, Microsoft, and Alphabet. Now that is something we're not surprised out - they bring a new one out for every occasion.

I'm no Apple fanboy-I'm an old-school ThinkPad guy and I'll take the nice midrange Android phone with expandable storage, thanks-but there can be little argument now about the direction Cook chose to take.

This streamlining is putting millions of dollars in the pockets of small companies, which now have a vital role in producing some the world's most popular products.

Apple shares rose 2.7% today and they're up 22% so far this year.

As a supplier of the cutting-edge screens used on the iPhoneX, this supplier is on the front lines of the products that will drive Apple's growth - and profits.

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