Fans to get free beer for Browns' first victory

When the Cleveland Browns win their first game this season free beer will be readily available to celebrate with thanks to Bud Light

Fans to get free beer for Browns' first victory

And in case you're wondering if the fridges in FirstEnergy Stadium will open when (if) the Browns win, they will.

The moment the Browns secure a win, their first one since December 24, 2016, each fridge will simultaneously unlock so fans can "enjoy the sweet taste of victory".

It's been 599 days since the Browns last win. Bud Light and the Browns now are teaming up to help fans commemorate what they hope will be a brighter future.

They've teamed up with ten Cleveland bars to install "Victory Fridges" full of Bud Light that will automatically unlock when the Browns win their first regular season game of the year. It'll be hooked up to Wi-Fi, and when the Browns win, Bud Light will simultaneously unlock all of them at once. The fridges will have smart technology that will be triggered with any Browns victory, either home or away.

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In order to be eligible for the 200 to 300 16-ounce aluminum bottles inside each fridge, a fan has to be inside the bar when the clock strikes zero, just to ensure that person is already carded and is of legal drinking age.

Goeler says the beer in the victory fridges will be changed out every month, if necessary, to ensure the product stays fresh, per ESPN. "It's going to be fun to be part of the celebration when the team earns their first victory of the season".

This will surely get Browns fans thirsty for the first victory, not that they will really need to extra motivation.

The Browns' opening game and the first chance for the refrigerators to unlock comes at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers on September 9.

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