Genoa bridge collapse death toll rises past 35

Rescuers are at work amid the rubble of a section of a giant motorway bridge that collapsed earlier

Rescuers are at work amid the rubble of a section of a giant motorway bridge that collapsed earlier

Davide Capello, a former professional football player, was on a motorway bridge in Genoa in Italy when it collapsed. Under stock market rules, trading was suspended as the shares dropped more than 10 percent in value.

A French lawyer who was in a vehicle with her husband and 3-year-old son said they were just coming onto the bridge when "we saw the pylon go completely to the right, and we realized what was happening".

"I don't know if there is responsibility". The auto in front of me disappeared and seemed to be swallowed up by the clouds. said that bridges like the Morandi viaduct should have a lifespan of at least a century, but the structure has been the subject of major maintenance work in the years after its completion, in particular to fix cracks and combat degradation of the concrete.

Separately, local officials say they are taking data from people whose friends or relatives are missing, but that they do not yet know how many cars exactly were on the bridge when it collapsed and can not extrapolate how many people might be buried in the rubble.

This was the fifth bridge collapse in Italy in five years, according to Corriere Della Sera.

The truck driver's incredible tale of survival comes as authorities begin to name the victims.

The head of the Italian Civil Protection Agency, Angelo Borrelli, said about 30 vehicles and several heavy-duty trucks were on the affected section of the bridge when it gave way.

Three French nationals were also said to have died, with local media reporting that the two young women and a man from Toulouse had travelled to Italy for a music festival. A couple of friends and their baby had been travelling in another auto.

Amateur footballer Andrea Cerulli was also killed as he was driving to work.

Cerulli's football team confirmed his death on Facebook, posting a tribute for the dad with a picture of him balancing his son on his shoulders.

Turkish president says the country will boycott USA electronics
President Erdogan is also scheduled to hold a telephone conversation with France's President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday. What this does is prevent investors, like hedge funds, from accessing lira liquidity in the offshore swap market.

State radio reported Wednesday that some 5-Star lawmakers in 2013 had questioned the wisdom of an ambitious, expensive infrastructure overhaul program as possibly wasteful, but that a post about that on the Movement's site was removed Tuesday after the bridge's collapse.

Ms Boccia's boyfriend Carlos Trujillo was killed with her.

That catastrophe was one that some Italian engineers had been warning about for years.

Survivors who witnessed the bridge collapse have spoken about the horror moment of watching nearly 100m of road collapse as if it was "made with flour".

"I saw the bridge collapse in the rear-view mirror, a bad fear, I'm miraculously alive", he told Repubblica.

The A10 is a major road that connects Italy to France and other resorts, with the bridge collapsing on the eve of Ferragosto, a major Italian holiday.

Rescuers and sniffer dogs are continuing to search through tonnes of concrete slabs and steel for survivors or bodies.

These comments were echoed by Luigi Di Maio, Italy's deputy prime minister, who also leads the populist Five Star Movement.

But Autostrade, a unit of Milan-listed Atlantia group, said it had done regular, sophisticated checks on the structure before the disaster, relying on "companies and institutions which are world leaders in testing and inspections" and that these had provided reassuring results.

Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte says his government won't wait until prosecutors finish investigating the deadly Genoa bridge collapse to yank the concession from the main private company that maintains Italy's highways.

He said: "If there are European limits that stop us spending money to safeguard our children's schools or the motorways on which our workers travel, then we will put the safety of Italians ahead of everything".

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