Google Maps Now Shows Your Battery Level When Location Sharing

Google My Maps is very easy to use

Google My Maps is very easy to use

The recipient will receive a link that they can open in Google Maps or a web browser.

This update was originally reported by Android Police back in February but TechCrunch reports it's now rolling out to both Android and Apple iPhone devices. The Explore tab, meanwhile, also gained new features, and Google promised better suggestions that are tailored to each user by turning to AI and personalization in its recommendation engine. Previously, friends and family were only able to share their location data with others, but thanks to the update, they can now also share their phone's battery status. Now click on the "Get Started" button and then select the app through which you wish to share your location link. Keep in that mind before telling friends you didn't respond because you were running out of battery, they'll know if you're lying. A simple tweak to the way the location information is displayed now simply shows low much juice your phone has left.

Click on location sharing from the menu. You can also share your location using a messaging or social media app.

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When a location has been shared, you'll see that there's now a battery icon between the distance and the time since the location was shared, as first spotted by Android Police. As noted by Mashable this week, battery updates could even prove useful for people who have lost their devices.

The feature is now live on Google Maps for Android and iOS. The battery level will be indicated with a percentage.

Users of the popular service Reddit noticed that Google Maps have changed the design and understanding of the Earth.

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