Google Pixel 3 XL: is it really worth waiting for?

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Say hello to Android Pie

The latest revelation comes days after the Pixel 3 XL surfaced on a Geekbench listing that confirmed the presence of a Snapdragon 845 SoC and Android P out-of-the-box.

Essential has been minutes behind Google for the better part of the year regarding security updates and Android Pie beta releases. I'm not exactly sad that Google passed up another branding opportunity - after Android Kit-Kat and Android Oreo, we didn't really need Android Pop-Tart - but would it have been that hard to have Android Pumpkin Pie? It does come with support for a few gestures that are similar to what we have seen in the iPhone X. But despite keeping the same material design - now whiter and flatter - it is definitely a bigger release than the Android 8 was compared to the Android 7.

The posting declares the Pixel 3 is "launching" on October 4, but it does not clarify whether this is simply an announcement by Google itself or when Android lovers will be able to get their hands on the prized flagship. The name is something of a damp squib and now the game of wait-and-see-if-I-actually-get-the-update begins.

Virus hits contract chipmaker TSMC's operations - Security
Or it could simply be a bit of rogue code that's evolved from a bug in the system and has spread itself into TSMC's machines. Of course, Bloomberg was most interested in the possible consequences to the production of Apple iPhone chips.

App Actions is meant to predict what you're going to do next, and it will display that action on your phone. There are improvements to battery life - hello "Adaptive Battery" - and improvements to Android's handling of different lighting conditions thanks to Adaptive Brightness. "Next time you search for Lyft, you can see prices and driver ETAs right within your results".

Apart from coming on many - but not most - existing Android phones, the Android 9 Pie will also be the operating system inside the Google Pixel 3 and the Google Pixel 3 XL that are likely to launch on October 4 this year as the official Android phones of 2018. This includes an app timer, which lets you set time limits for specific apps. For example, Adaptive Battery aims to learn which apps you use the most and prioritize the battery life, so it can maximize power.

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