Huawei Caught Again Using High-End Camera to Sub for Smartphone Shot

Huawei Caught Again Using High-End Camera to Sub for Smartphone Shot

Huawei Caught Again Using High-End Camera to Sub for Smartphone Shot

Looking for truth and facts in advertisements has mostly been a murky job, and Huawei's latest stunt goes a long way to prove how little advertisements can be trusted. The male actor is supposed to be holding a Nova 3 in that shot, snapping a selfie with Elshamy in the photo as well.

The advertisement features several "selfie" shots that appear to be taken on the Nova 3 device. The video revealed that the footage was actually shot from a high-end camera, rather than the Lumia 920's video camera.

Chinese smartphone maker Huawei was left embarrassed when an actress from one of its commercials showcasing new Nova 3 smartphone posted behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram, revealing a DSLR camera being used to take selfies and not the smartphone. Nokia 6.1 Smartphone India Launch Today at 12 pm IST; Watch the Live Streaming of the Event. So the two take a photo. The commercial shows a couple who are on a vacation, and having a time of their life in the sun and beach.

Huawei is yet to make a statement on the present situation, and this is not even the first time that the manufacturer has been caught doing the same thing.

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Leaked by Android Police, a Reddit user has revealed a behind-the-scenes image, affirming the posed "selfie" was captured by a professional DSLR camera. Back in 2016, Huawei used a DSLR to showcase the photo taking capabilities of its P9, for which it later apologized.

Worse yet, Huawei was caught doing nearly exactly this previously: it posted an image implied to be a photo taken with its P9 smartphone to Google+, but the EXIF data (metadata included in image files with information on how and when the photo was taken) revealed it was taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III, a professional DSLR camera that costs thousands of dollars.

"The photo, which was professionally taken while filming a Huawei P9 advert, was shared to inspire our community".

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