Iran’s Khamenei rules out war, talks with U.S.

If anyone was unsure what Iran's supreme leader thought of President Trump's offer to hold talks after the United States reimposed "the most biting sanctions" on Iran last week, all doubt has been removed, per Reuters. "More than the sanctions, economic mismanagement [by the government] is putting pressure on ordinary Iranians", he noted.

U.S. President Donald Trump last week reimposed a set of sanctions that had been lifted as part of the 2015 nuclear deal Iran struck with world powers to limit the country's nuclear program in exchange for relief from measures that had badly hurt its economy.

Renewed U.S. sanctions on Iran took effect on Tuesday.

"With better management and more efficient planning we can resist the sanctions and overcome them", Khamenei said, in an apparent effort to deflect public anger over the deteriorating economy towards Rouhani's government.

State broadcaster IRIB said the new Fateh Mobin missile had "successfully passed its tests" and could strike targets on land and sea. "The corrupt people (officials) should be punished firmly", Khamenei said told a gathering attended by thousands of Iranians, state TV reported.

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Iran's rial currency has lost about half of its value since April in anticipation of the renewed USA sanctions, driven mainly by heavy demand for dollars among ordinary Iranians trying to protect their savings.

Khamenei referred specifically to the collapse in the currency, which has seen half its value wiped since early April.

The judiciary said on Sunday that it had arrested 67 people under a sweeping corruption crackdown and prevented 100 government employees from leaving the country.

Khamenei went on to rule out the possibility of armed conflict with the United States, saying that "war will not happen", according to the AP.

Unless Iran's clerical rulers comply with the USA demands, more sanctions targeting Iran's oil and shipping industries are set for November.

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