Lavrov: we appreciate Turkey's independent foreign policy

Russia’s chemical disarmament confirmed by OPCW while US has ‘problems’ in the area – Lavrov

Lavrov: we appreciate Turkey's independent foreign policy

Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu attends a press conference during a visit in the Turkish Cypriot northern part of the divided city of Nicosia, Cyprus July 24,2018.

Cavusoglu, on the other hand, said Turkey will call on Assad not to launch such operations.

TRT World 's Andrew Hopkins reports from Ankara.

Turkey's foreign minister said on Tuesday he hoped his country and Russian Federation could find a solution over the northern Syrian region of Idlib, a rebel-held enclave which the Syrian government says it aims to recapture.

The Turkish top diplomat said he doesn't rule out that the United States may impose sanctions on any European country.

Researchers may be on brink of solving deadly red tides
Myers in recent days, according to NBC News , in his quest to find any nitrogen-rich substances that might feed the red tide . The governor also directed another $900,000 in grants to help Lee County's clean-up efforts.

"Turkey has not done any wrong to the USA, not even once".

The White House says "we won't forget" how Turkey has treated a detained American pastor, after a court rejected his appeal for release.

"If the USA wants to continue being a reputable country, it can not do so with these impositions", he said, referring to the sanctions.

Relations between Turkey and the United States strained following US President Donald Trump's decision to raise customs duties on aluminum and steel imports from Turkey to 20 and 50%, respectively. "The having the same attitude towards not only to Turkey but also to China, Russia, Iran and Venezuela", he said, noting that this perspective introduces a new world order.

"He was trying to use economic sanctions and tariffs as a political weapon against his country's economic rivals, including China and the European Union", said the leaders.

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