Maryland Terrapins accept responsibility for mistakes made in death of Jordan McNair

Wallace Loh

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At a press conference, university president Wallace Loh also said that the university would take responsibility for McNair's death. "I have looked into the eyes of a grieving mother and father".

Since McNair's death, the university has given more training to athletic training staff and increased the number of breaks and cooling stations during practice, officials said.

Loh spoke at a news conference in College Park immediately afterward, outlining major mistakes made by athletic staff members and said the university "accepts legal and moral responsibility for the mistakes that our training staff made on the fateful workout day of May 29".

Court, who posted his resignation letter on Twitter, "contributed to an environment based on fear and intimidation, including throwing objects and small weights in the direction of players", sources told ESPN.

The school has contracted with Walters Inc., an athletic training consulting firm, and a review isnt expect to conclude before September 15.

"In light of deeply troubling reports about the University of Maryland football program's training practices and general culture, I support the university's decision to suspend Coach DJ Durkin, and expect that the investigation into the program will be wide-ranging and thorough", Hogan said.

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Athletic Director Damon Evans revealed that the athletic training staff failed to take McNair's temperature following his seizure and "did not apply a cold water immersion treatment".

"We will do everything within our power to ensure that no University of Maryland student-athlete is ever again put in a situation where his or her safety and life are at foreseeable risk", Loh said.

'Walters found that the emergency response plan was not appropriately followed, ' Evans said, adding that McNair's symptoms 'were not properly identified or treated'. "You entrusted Jordan to our care, and he is never returning home again, '" Loh added.

Evans said he has not witnessed any of the behavior described in media reports, but "make no mistake we will not tolerate any behavior from any employee within Maryland athletics that is detrimental to physical or mental well-being".

Court had previously been placed on administrative leave. Court was at the center of these remarks and was given a lot of the blame for what happened. The university president said a team of experts that are looking into McNair's death have concluded he did not receive proper medical treatment for heatstroke from team trainers before he was taken to the hospital.

The school is still conducting a review of its athletic training protocols, but has already concluded from "preliminary observations" that the situation was mishandled.

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