No room in US for 'neo-nazism': Ivanka Trump

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This time a year ago, the U.S. was rocked by a white nationalist rally in Charlottesburg, Virginia which resulted in the death of protester Heather Heyer. "And when he came out and gave his statement that it was both sides' fault, I gotta tell you, it was shocking to me".

One year on his stance on race, white supremacy and competing visions of America is back in the spotlight.

On the other hand, media outlets such as Vox reported some hotbeds of violence initiated by groups of anti-fascists who threw blunt objects at the nationalists.

One year after the incident, U.S. President Trump tweeted saying that he condemned all forms of violence since it was divisive and resulted in death.

On Saturday the president issued a generic condemnation of racism in one of seven tweets of the day. "Peace to ALL Americans". If we want to come together as a country, we had better find leaders committed to that principle, not to driving us apart as a tactic to remain in power.

Too little, too late, was the consensus of his critics, who again pointed out that he had failed to differentiate between the two sides.

Ivanka Trump encouraged her followers to "strengthen our communities" and help other "achieve his or her full potential".

The violence in Charlottesville sparked damaging lawsuits against the organizers and a crackdown from tech companies that's complicated recruitment and fundraising efforts, splintering the movement just as it's trying to show solidarity heading into Sunday's "Unite the Right 2" demonstration in Washington. Police have also prohibited firearms within 1,000 yards of the event, which will apply even to those with license to carry them.

Scott, one of the nation's most prominent Black Republicans, was troubled by Trump's statements and met with president in September 2017.

President Donald Trump's daughter and White House adviser, Ivanka Trump's official Twitter page is blowing up.

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"There are strong signs from the White House to both houses of Congress that we are making progress as the party of Lincoln", Scott added.

This year, he changed his rhetoric, instead denouncing "all types of racism and acts of violence".

"Is he racist or not?" "I don't know exactly what will happen", he said "but it will not be good".

In the immediate aftermath, Trump drew broad criticism when he initially appeared to establish a moral equivalence between the two groups of protesters and refused to criticize the far rightwingers.

Accusations of racism have shadowed Trump over his decades as a real estate mogul, reality TV star and President.

In preparation for today's rally, barricades are up in Charlottesville and police are everywhere. That number is expected to be dwarfed by counterprotesters. Violent clashes between the white nationalists and counter-protesters ensued, and a 23-year-old counter-protester, Heather Heyer, was killed.

Fields was charged with 29 hate crimes.

Members of the leftist Answer Coalition plan a "mass action" to protest the white nationalists.

Actress and activist Mia Farrow called the president's comments previous year "ugly".

Ms Omarosa, the reality-TV star turned White House aide, put it more bluntly when questioned by reporters at a Virginia airport.

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