Trump disparaged son, Harriet Tubman, says former White House aides book

Trump disparaged son, Harriet Tubman, says former White House aides book

Trump disparaged son, Harriet Tubman, says former White House aides book

We saw that on reality TV.

"I can't guarantee anything, but I can tell you that the president addressed this question directly", Sanders said.

Omarosa, on a publicity tour of talk shows for her new book, has emerged from her brief stint in Trump's White House as a Trump enemy, after years of publicly praising him and working for his campaign and administration.

Her book - which paints Trump as a racist, liar and a "germophobe" with a "total lack of empathy" - has plunged the White House and the President into fresh crisis, and her comments to the media have dominated USA headlines for days. "I have never seen one, because I didn't work for the government in any capacity there but I don't know if they are enforceable".

The CNN contributor said that in addition to the wedding party beef, Manigault Newman turned on her in order to help Trump go after the media.

"You might like her, you might not, but to call her a DOG?" added King.

Press secretary for the White House Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the book is "riddled with lies and false accusations". In a press release he said: "Omarosa has proven herself time and time again not to be trustworthy from the day she was sacked from the Clinton administration, to when she was sacked from (NBC's "The Apprentice") and her firing from the Trump administration".

"The President of the United States called a woman a DOG", King tweeted last August 15.

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"Everyone says one thing one day and they change their story the next day".

Manigault Newman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

"Omarosa sabotaged President Trump's Black America agenda by refusing to allow black Republicans near the White House, ignoring policy proposals drafted and submitted by black Republicans to combat issues in black America, and by refusing to engage with black Americans or to conduct any grassroots outreach to offer inclusion with the Trump administration".

That campaign on Tuesday filed an arbitration against her for allegedly violating a nondisclosure agreement, hoping to block the release of additional tapes.

But, lucky for Trump, despite his considerable efforts to keep Omarosa's name in the news, her book has not emerged as the best-seller that previous Trump admin inside accounts have been.

Before wrapping up the interview, Noah asked Manigault-Newman, as someone who has known Trump for 15 years, for her advice on dealing with the president.

In recent days, Manigault Newman has released audio of her firing by Kelly and of a call from Trump in which he says he did not know about her dismissal. "Let me repeat that: he called her a DOG". She has said that she is able to corroborate all of the quotes in the book. John Kelly is the White House chief of staff.

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