Virginia's Annual Sales Tax Holiday Weekend is August 3-5

"I don't know what I need so I'm just grabbing a bunch of stuff" said Joy Buford a mother of four

This includes a variety of items, from pencils and paper to trousers and jackets to prepare for the fall.

Wisconsin's five-day sales tax holiday is about to begin.

Louisiana consumers counting on a sales tax break for back-to-school shopping this weekend will have to rely on store-offered discounts to save money. In April, Gov. Scott Walker used a partial veto to extend the period to five days. But sales tax will still apply to accessories like watches, jewelry, handbags, scarves, ties, headbands, and belt buckles.

It's been advertised as beneficial for back-to-school shopping, but it's more than that.

From Friday through Sunday, clothing items costing less than $75 per item and school supplies costing less than $20 per item will be tax-free.

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Over the weekend, people across the state of MS hit the racks for Tax Free Weekend.

Louisiana's Department of Revenue estimates the sales tax holidays would have cost the state $5.2 million in taxes this year. This year the state sales tax rate is 4.45 percent.

There is a spending limit to get the tax exemption.

Many hurricane and emergency preparedness products are eligible for tax-free savings; therefore residents should take this opportunity to make tax-free purchases that will assist them when responding to an emergency or disaster. Coupons and discounts available for items under the tax-free list may still be applied to reduce the item's sales price.

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