YouTube’s Android app is finally getting a dark theme

YouTube for Android gets dark theme

YouTube dark theme now available for some on Android

YouTube added a dark mode to its desktop site past year, and the company says that it became one of the most requested features for its apps. There's an option to turn it off, as well as one that dismisses it. For desktops and laptops, switching on the dark theme is similar to that on Android.

Just note that the theme is more of a dark gray than pure black. Even though the mode applies the dark theme to much of the app, the channels will keep their colorful app bars even though the video player remains black before it fully loads.

July 28, experts announced that the company began distributing the dark themes for Android YouTube.

After iOS users, YouTube's dark theme will now be available on Android.

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Based on the number of users who received the option today, it appears as though this is an official rollout of the feature. It can help focus your eyes on the actual content, especially at night when the light from a screen might be the only light in a room.

Google, however, didn't go to town trumpeting the rolling out of the new feature. If you don't see the enw dark theme implemented, then tap on the profile photo, head over to Settings and hunt for the new Dark Theme from the General settings. With this being accomplished, YouTube service features would finally be uniform throughout all operating systems.

Android owners can at long last fulfil their dreams of scrolling through YouTube on their devices with a cool dark ambience accompanying their video discovery. With this mode, users can expect to have a more comfortable viewing experience in low-light conditions. There is an added benefit on video apps, though.

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