Amazon's big event: 5 game-changing announcements and highlights

Alexa More Popcorn Please! Amazon Launches Voice Controlled Microwave

Amazon's big event: 5 game-changing announcements and highlights

Sure, a couple of them leaked here and there like the new Echo Sub, but most of Amazon's announcements came as a complete surprise.

Striking out in a different direction of its own Amazon has also introduced a new microwave which comes loaded with "dozens of quick cook voice presets" so you don't have to lift a finger while zapping your spaghetti carbonara.

Alexa is also busting out of the Echo speakers' curved plastic casing-and will now respond directly to commands on a new $60 (around ₹4,300) AmazonBasics-branded microwave oven. I'm going to warn you right now, before you go any further: You're probably either going to feel like this is all nonsense or that you want every item on the list - either way, here they are!

BGR Deals content is independent of Editorial and Advertising, and BGR may receive a commission on purchases made through our posts. Unfortunately, Amazon indicates that Echo Auto will not be available now.

Other new product announcements include the Echo Auto, a dongle that adds Alexa voice control to your vehicle; Echo Input, an accessory that adds Alexa to any speaker; Echo Link and Echo Link Amp, two home theatre accessories to stream high-fidelity music; and Fire TV Recast, a set-top box that can record over-the-air TV programming for free. The idea is to have Alexa everywhere "in your kitchen, in your living room, in your office, and now in your auto or truck", said Tom Taylor, SVP at Amazon Alexa. We heard it paired with two Echo Plus devices and it clearly represented a step-up. This microwave includes an Amazon Dash replenishment function that can auto-order popcorn kernels, so you don't run out, for example.

Amazon microwave
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The new Echo Show gets Amazon's new fabric look as well, but a raft of useful functional enhancements too.

Amazon unveiled a new gadget called the Smart Plug, which is way cooler than it sounds. Amazon says the microphones pick up voice commands and hear over auto audio, road noise, and climate controls.

The new local voice controls enable offline commands so you'll still be able to ask Alexa to switch off the light after the internet goes out. This camera monitors indoor and outdoor areas in 1080p HD.

And you thought Amazon's crafty consumerism ended with the microwave.

Amazon's strategy is pretty simple and straightforward. Whatever you plug into the Smart Plug thereby has power controlled by the Smart Plug, which is controlled by Alexa. The Echo plus is also open for pre-orders on Amazon while shipping will commence on October 11.

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