Apple pushes largest screens, cheaper models with new iPhones

Apple pushes largest screens, cheaper models with new iPhones

Apple pushes largest screens, cheaper models with new iPhones

Like the iPhone X, the XS has a 5.8-inch OLED screen, while the XS Max boasts a mammoth 6.5-inch OLED display.

Pricing. Taking the price of its flagship iPhone to almost $1,000 a year ago helped Apple squeeze more revenue out of the device even though unit sales remained flat.

A year removed from last year's 10th anniversary celebration-the first to be held at Steve Jobs Theater on the company's new campus-look for Apple to get back to basics.

The tech giant unveiled three new iPhones overnight, including its biggest and most expensive model yet.

Instead of swiping to summon Apple's Control Center and tapping the icon, you'll now be able to press dedicated flashlight and camera buttons on your iPhone's lock screen.

Also worth noting is the fact that Apple's new iPhones no longer include a Lightning-to-3.5mm audio adapter.

The company has been affected by leaks in the past.

Not invited to Apple's September 12 iPhone unveiling?

"Did they really name the new iPhone the 'excess"?' XS?

Apple's newest iPhone could have big screen, big price
Apple typically likes it when you use its things, but this year it will allow you to stream it on non-Apple browsers, too. Those with an Apple TV can also tune in on the big screen via the Apple events app installed on the streaming device.

The iPhone Xs will have 30 minutes of additional battery life compared to the current iPhone X. The iPhone Xs Max, which was designed with the largest battery ever used in an iPhone, will get 1.5 hours more. With curved corners, it's also slightly thinner, has more reliable reception and two times faster, thanks to a new processor. What it lacks in dual-camera-ness it makes up for with computational photography: the iPhone XR can - like the Google Pixel line - do Portrait Mode using its single camera thanks to improvements to the image signal processor, neural engine, and algorithms. Other products are going to be a big part of this week's story for Apple.

Does the iPhone XR have a new display?

Apple exec Phil Schiller has still called it the most advanced LCD display in a smartphone, dubbing the 6.1-inch screen as "Liquid Retina".

By the way, the regular iPhone XS with 512GB of storage isn't cheap either: It costs $1,349.

The pair are the successor to the iPhone X which was released last November and retailed from £999.

The iPhone XS comes with a 5.8-inch display while iPhone XS Max comes with a 6.5-inch display. The phone, which costs more than a basic Apple laptop ($1449 in its maxed-out Max configuration), is in many ways becoming a replacement for a laptop - minus the keyboard.

A number of Apple users have been following the reports and have taken to social media to share their thoughts and feelings on the suspected new phones and other devices from Apple.

As you can see, Apple will have something for everyone, and something for every budget. The watch also packs an improved accelerometer and gyroscope with twice the dynamic range, which allows the new wearable to do things such as detect when you've fallen down - and start an emergency call if you can't get up.

Storage sizes for the iPhone XR will reportedly be 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.

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