Beyoncé accused of witchcraft by ex-drummer

Thompson might have to run and hide because surely the Beyhive will sting her with comments.

According to supremely weird court documents obtained by The Blast, Thompson is alleging that Beyonce tampered with "extreme witchcraft, dark magic" and cast "magic spells of sexual molestation". The former band member even accuses Beyoncé of tapping her phones, controlling her finances and murdering her pet kitten.

In one of the week's more freakish news stories, pop megastar Beyonce is the subject a lawsuit from her former drummer, who has filed for a civil restraining order against the singer accusing her of witchcraft.

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Both Kimberly and Beyonce's team have been contacted for further details but have yet to respond. The hearing for her second effort is scheduled for October 11. You can also add on that Beyoncé has better things to be doing like worrying about her own millions and touring the world with her husband and children.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z were walking off stage after a two and a half hour performance at Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium when a man in a white jersey jumped to the stage and headed straight for the Carters.

Thompson's legal filings may just be an elaborate attempt for attention.

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