Brown Apologizes to Munn for Not Addressing Predator Sex Offender Cut Scene

Brown Apologizes to Munn for Not Addressing Predator Sex Offender Cut Scene

Brown Apologizes to Munn for Not Addressing Predator Sex Offender Cut Scene

Olivia Munn is grateful for the support that she's received after leading the charge to get a scene in The Predator featuring a registered sex offender cut from the film.

Key's representative responded to the controversy in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter on Sunday, defending the actor's absence from the discussion with Munn and Tremblay: "His last interview was scheduled after lunch, which he completed. You did the right thing". "But I deserve to make that choice for myself", said Munn.

She then claimed she'd been "isolated" by the incident, after her co-stars then allegedly pulled out of joint interviews with her, and director Black failed to speak with her personally about the situation. "I'm not crying because I'm sad, it's a very frustrating feeling to be treated like you're the one who went to jail for a crime against a child when all I did was the right thing". "If I didn't have that feedback, I'd kind of go a little insane thinking, 'Why am I being treated like this?' That's not O.K., to feel like the bad guy".

Munn released a statement which suggested that Black chose not to disclose this information to her, something she found "both surprising and unsettling", and that she was "relieved that when Fox finally did receive the information, the studio took appropriate action by deleting the scene".

The Predator, directed by Shane Black, stars Sterling K. Brown, Olivia Munn, Boyd Holbrook (Logan), Trevante Rhodes (Moonlight), Keegan-Michael Key (Keanu), Alfie Allen (Game of Thrones), Thomas Jane (The Expanse), Augusto Aguilera, Jake Busey (From Dusk Ttill Dawn), and Yvonne Strahovski (The Handmaid's Tale).

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"I haven't heard from Shane", she told The Hollywood Review.

Munn, 38, has continued to promote "The Predator" since blowing the whistle on Striegel, but her fellow cast members haven't been supportive. I did see his apology. "In a series of tweets, Brown wrote, ".@oliviamunn I'm sorry you're feeling so isolated, my dear. Despite the scene being cut, Black originally defended his decision to cast Striegel, before later backtracking and apologizing, saying he was "deeply disappointed" in himself. I just know how to be honest about it. As a longtime friend of "The Predator" director Shane Black, Striegel had been given roles in several of Black's films including "Iron Man 3" and "The Nice Guys".

In 2010, Striegel pleaded guilty to having a sexually predatory relationship with a 14-year-old female relative, and spent six months in prison.

Black said in a statement, "Having read this morning's news reports, it has sadly become clear to me that I was misled by a friend I really wanted to believe was telling me the truth when he described the circumstances of his conviction".

The Predator arrives in theater on September 14.

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