Bush stands by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh amid sexual misconduct allegation

Bush stands by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh amid sexual misconduct allegation

Bush stands by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh amid sexual misconduct allegation

Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), Sen.

Democrats - and some Republicans - have called for a delay in the nomination process until Ford's allegation could be investigated further. She said she got away when a companion of Kavanaugh's jumped on him.

Details of the allegations have trickled out since the committee's ranking member, Sen.

Ford alleges that while at a party, Kavanaugh pushed her into a bedroom along with his former classmate Mark Judge, and attempted to remove her clothes.

Though Democrats and Republicans on the committee have both said they believe Ford deserves to be heard, they're at odds over the way to do so. We dream of making a world where women are free from harassment, assault and sexual violence. The point is this: Republican (and Democratic) senators should have as their first and only priority getting as close to the truth of the allegations made by Ford against Kavanaugh as possible. I have never done anything like what the accuser describes-to her or to anyone.

Once nominated, high-court nominees customarily make pro forma rounds of Senate offices and then retreat beyond public view, to be drilled by tough-minded interrogators preparing them for searing Judiciary Committee hearings and last-minute vulnerabilities.

Kavanaugh's accuser, Prof. Christine Blasey Ford, has not responded to committee officials seeking her testimony.

Moments later, Welch issued his statement. In their letter to Wray and McGahn, they ask the Federal Bureau of Investigation to interview Kavanaugh, Ford and other relevant witnesses. "These allegations are credible and deeply troubling".

"I believe that the FBI... should be compelled to do its job in terms of completing their background investigation and that's not being done".

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In the week since Feinstein legitimized the letter's existence, the response to Ford's account has been damning.

Republicans on the committee had hoped to hold a vote to move Kavanaugh's nomination forward to a full Senate vote as early as Thursday of this week.

According to the Washington Post, Ford, who had also contacted the newspaper in July, made a decision to go public after it became clear people were learning her identity.

Mr Trump, who reportedly did not meet Mr Kavanaugh on Tuesday, expressed sympathy for his nominee. "We were going through all of that process". We're talking about a lifetime appointment. Election Day isn't until November 6, but early voting begins Friday in Minnesota and in roughly three weeks across several more states.

"I'd have the professionals go in there, seek corroborating evidence, talk to the people involved, certainly talk to the third person who they claimed was there, and that hasn't been done", Democratic Sen. "Let the investigation get done". Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), to postpone the vote so that the Federal Bureau of Investigation could investigate.

Underscoring the raw political divisions prompted by the Kavanaugh fight, Feinstein said she'd only learned of the hearing on Twitter. The book featured a character named Bart O'Kavanaugh, whom many believe to be based on the Supreme Court nominee, who "passes out drunk and throws up in a vehicle". While Republican senators and some Democrats have criticized Feinstein for keeping quiet about the claims until last week, Leahy said he would not "second-guess" his successor. They want additional witnesses beyond Kavanaugh and Ford to be added to the planned hearing Monday.

"No, because the last minute is the accelerated time they set", Leahy said.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) released a statement Tuesday saying that an investigation was "precedent" and "quite clearly the right thing to do".

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