Canterbury MP Rosie Duffield says anti-Semitic Labour party members should visit Auschwitz

Labour MP Dawn Butler with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in June

Image Labour MP Dawn Butler with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in June

He also said: "Theresa May's Chequers proposals do not meet Labour's "six tests" for Brexit, which include a strong relationship with Europe, the same rights, protections and benefits we have now and fair migration to boost Britain's economy".

"So if the parliamentarians, if spineless Tory MPs, lose the courage of their convictions and won't vote against whatever deal comes back, then my union and Labour's policy at the moment is to say, "well, if you are incapable of carrying out your functions in parliament, we should take the deal back to the people".

T-shirts promoting a pro-Corbyn, anti-Brexit stance is seen on sale outside the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool, north west England on September 23, 2018, the official opening day of the annual Labour Party Conference.

Chants of "we are European" and flags bearing the slogan "not a done deal" were part of a huge protest in Liverpool to demand a final vote on the deal Theresa May strikes with Brussels.

He described the country as being at a tipping point and faced with a resurgence in the "radical right", adding: "This can not be a Labour Party that allows others to wreck our country and stand with the far right".

Labour MP David Lammy told a rally of about 4000 anti-Brexit Labour members at Liverpool's docks that an option to reverse Brexit entirely should be an option in a new referendum.

But it is not clear how far the new motion will take a party that has said for some time has said that a second referendum is not off the table.

"I was elected to empower the members of the party".

US envoy Haley rejects Iran blame over parade attack
The French foreign ministry condemned the attack and sent condolences to the families of the victims and to the Iranian people. Oman, Kuwait and Qatar issued condemnations of the attack, while Saudi Arabia and Bahrain had yet to react on Sunday.

Mr Corbyn's comments come after an Observer poll found 86 per cent of Labour members think voters should have the final say on the outcome of Brexit negotiations, and 90 per cent would now vote to remain in the EU.

Mr Corbyn told the Mirror in an interview today: "If this Government can't deliver Brexit then it must move over and have a General Election".

To cheers, he highlighted how people from across the United Kingdom had travelled to make their voices heard, saying: "They are saying squarely to the leadership of the Labour Party "listen to us, hear us, give us a People's Vote". "There is no such thing as a good Brexit because Brexit means trashing jobs, trashing Ireland, trashing the young. and our socialist values".

Under the party's plans if it won power, both public and private companies with more than 250 staff would be legally bound to have worker directors elected by the entire workforce. "The time has gone for sitting on the fence", said Mike Buckley of campaign group Labour for a People's Vote.

At today's meeting, Ms Duffield said: "The motion to censure me nearly worked".

Watson said he would prefer Brexit to be debated in an election, but "if the people's party decide they want the people to have a final say on the deal, we have to respect the view of our members and we will go out and argue for it".

"If they want this conference to work they are going to have to deal with anti-Semitism, rather than pretending that they have dealt with it already", said Menon.

But Kinnock said Labour should not be put in the position where it could be accused of putting the party ahead of the country.

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