Cardi B Has No Regrets About Shoe-Throwing Face-Off with Nicki Minaj

Dre Johnson

Dre Johnson Posted 14 hours ago

On Monday's (Sept. 10) episode of Beats1's Queen Radio, Nicki Minaj discussed her side of the story in regard to the now-infamous altercation between her and Cardi B at New York Fashion Week.

"I want to extend my condolences, and the condolences of all police, to the families of the two deceased boys and their friends and this very trying time", he said.

As you may know, Cardi accused Nicki of bashing her baby daughter Kulture as well as her mother skills, in her Instagram post. On Monday, the Queens-born rapper spoke out about the scuffle for the first time via her Queen radio show on Beats 1.

"I would never ridicule anyone's child". It's so sad for someone to pin that on me. "I would never ridicule anyone's child".

"It's insane for me that people always need to make Onika the bad guy", Nicki continued, referring to her real name. "I was mortified. I could not believe how humiliating it all we made ourselves look", she said, according to Us Weekly.

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She shared: "I've let a lot of sh*t slide".

Nicki also said Cardi QUOTE " Has built her career off sympathy and payola". The world gave you a blessing, of a attractive bundle of joy, and the only thing on your mind after you [gave birth] was to attack people and to stop their bags....

"I'm with the f*cking queen herself, the only queen", he said while sat next to Nicki Minaj. "You just had the biggest blessing of your life with a child, and in two weeks, you have attacked three women. You're in no position to come for O's position".

"Meanwhile Adriana Lima posted then deleted the following comment on Cardi's statement: "@iamcardib you got my support in this one". Who are you angry at, sweetheart? Oh, and of course she was going to premiere this TODAY while the drama with Cardi B was still hot on the blogs. The female emcee went on to accuse Cardi of racism, alleging that the Bodak Yellow star called black women 'monkeys and roaches, ' in the past.

This is about, Get this woman some f*cking help.

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