Elizabeth Smart kidnapper Wanda Barzee released from prison today

Elizabeth Smart kidnapper Wanda Barzee released from prison today

Elizabeth Smart kidnapper Wanda Barzee released from prison today

She also doubts Barzee regrets her role in the kidnapping.

Barzee wasn't expected to be released for at least another five years.

"When he kidnapped me and was taking me up into the mountains, I remember thinking, 'This is it, ' he's just going to rape and kill me", she said.

Smart said at a news conference last week that Barzee saw her as a slave during the nine months she was held by the couple and encouraged Mitchell to rape her.

As we reported, despite the Utah parole board deeming Barzee unfit for release. there's nothing it can do to keep her off the streets because state law requires her release by the time her sentence is complete.

Mitchell is serving a life sentence after being convicted of kidnapping and raping Smart.

She also ripped her captor's court-ordered apology as half-hearted in an interview that aired Wednesday on "CBS This Morning".

According to conditions of release that Barzee agreed to in 2010, she must report to a probation officer each month and she can not leave the Salt Lake City area without permission.

"The feeling that kind of radiated from her, it just was dark".

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'This is proof to me that she hasn't changed, and if the prior 15+ years hasn't changed her I don't see how the future years will, ' Smart said in an Instagram post in June, adding: 'I do not think I'm a vindictive or vengeful person. "I truly believe life is meant to be happy and attractive, and no matter what happens that will remain my goal for me and for my family".

Smart said she's been assured Barzee will be closely monitored after her release.

She is required to meet immediately with a federal probation officer, will be placed on the Utah Sex Offender and Kidnap Registry, will be required to actively participate in a mental health treatment program and she can not consume alcohol, court records state.

Smart, 30, a soon-to-be mother of three, told "CBS This Morning" on Tuesday she heard Barzee, 72, still holds onto teachings written by husband Brian David Mitchell, who held her captive for nine months when she was 14. So I have faith in him.

Smart said he feels that Utah's justice system let his family down and he doesn't feel that the plea deal took them into consideration. "And I just knew that she - she wasn't there to help me, that she wasn't there to protect me". "I just lack faith in her". "And they have been very good, and I'm hoping that's the way it will work", he said.

"May we all remain vigilant in watching over our families, friends, and community from anyone who would seek to hurt or take advantage", she wrote.

Barzee will be out of prison on Wednesday, something Smart is strongly against. "Therefore Ms. Barzee's state sentence ends on September 19, 2018".

She wrote a book detailing her kidnapping, which is called "My Story", and although she lives a private life these days, the Salt Lake Tribune said she is married and now expecting her third child, according to published reports.

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