Gary Cohn Waffles on Bob Woodward Book

Donald Trump tweeted on Tuesday to accuse famed Watergate reporter Bob Woodward of fabricating quotes and information in his new book Fear Trump in the White House

Gary Cohn Waffles on Bob Woodward Book

"It's important to the security of both countries", he said.

Washington journalist Bob Woodward shrugged off suggestions that his controversial book "Fear" has driven a wedge between President Trump and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.

Meanwhile, the book's opening big bang about an economic adviser's claim to have removed the withdrawal order from a trade agreement with South Korea from Trump's desk at the Oval Office does not withstand critical scrutiny.

Trump may have been referring to his conversation with Modi during their first meeting in Washington in June 2017. However, some consider him a risky choice because he earned those credentials by defending President Bill Clinton during impeachment proceedings, as well as President George W. Bush during the USA attorney firings.

In response, Woodward circles back to something he discussed earlier in the interview, namely Trump's complete inability to accept new information.

Asked if Trump is still a credible voice, Sanders insisted he was: "Absolutely". "Just run the presses - print money".

In "Fear", Woodward claims Trump accused Christie of "stealing" from him while he was assisting on the presidential campaign trail, notes The Hill. "Prime Minister Modi of India is a friend of mine, he said". The letter stated that the USA was planning to withdraw from a trade agreement with South Korea. "It's very important whether this is somebody who witnessed and participated", Woodward said.

US and South Korean marines take part in military exercises in Pohang, South Korea in March 2015.

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Be careful when praising Bob Woodward.

The White House has blasted the book, and Trump on Monday referred to it as a "scam".

Pence said he did not know who wrote the Times column but that he was "100 percent confident that no one on the vice president's staff was involved in this anonymous editorial". While he said the book contained "inaccuracies", as Axios reports, he wasn't specific about what the book supposedly got wrong. And he said, 'Right.' He agreed.

In response, Pulitzer Prize-winning Mr Woodward, who along with Carl Bernstein exposed the Watergate scandal in the 1970s, said Mr Mattis and Mr Kelly "are not telling the truth" when denying they made the remarks and "these are political statements to protect their jobs". And with the release of Fear today, the coming days will likely only see even more revelations coming to the surface.

On the contrary, Woodward's book, while critical of aspects of Trump's personality traits and their negative impact on decision-making, is on the whole a strong endorsement of the main contours of Trump's presidency.

Woodward: Yes, that's true and that's part of the problem.

Trump also derided his predecessor's return to politics.

"Obviously, that's not known".

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