Google Maps now works with Apple's CarPlay in iOS 12

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Google Maps now works with Apple's CarPlay in iOS 12

Apple released iOS 12 for iPhones and iPads on Monday.

In the description for iOS 12 ahead of its release Apple noted "third-party navigation apps" would be coming to CarPlay.

Google Maps won't be alone for long, either. This always meant you were stuck with Apple Maps via CarPlay and who uses Apple Maps? Thus, developers have a good idea of how to optimize the performance of their apps for an in-car display.

Google Maps for CarPlay also supports downloaded maps.

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There is nothing in the settings that allow Google Maps users to enable or disable this feature. On the other hand, Waze's warning system is unrivaled in the industry.

"Search for places, see alternative routes and get live, up to date information about traffic jams and delays happening right now". You just speak your destination, and Google figures out the rest. You will see an app screen where Google Maps will have appeared. Finally, four years on, iPhone owners can now choose to use Google Maps, which is preferred by many iPhone users. Up until now, CarPlay software has only supported Apple Maps - considered by many an inferior map/navigation system to Google's ubiquitous offering.

You obviously need an iPhone with iOS 12 on board in order for this to work. When you land, simply refer to Google Maps and navigate to your saved locations. Google-owned Waze is also supposedly set to make the leap to CarPlay too, though a specific date for CarPlay support hasn't been announced yet. Now in beta, the app is expected later this month. Our Apple Maps custom points of interest are sparse in comparison. And its no secret Apple Maps is no match to Google Maps when it comes to reach and depth. When the app was launched in 2012, CEO Tim Cook had to issue a public apology for its many blunders, including mislabeled landmarks.

The navigation experience itself is the same as in the regular iPhone app. All you have to do is delete the existing Google Maps application from your iOS device and re-install it.

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