In the "smoke-filled" lobster in sake of humanity

Person taking a lobster from a plate

Daniel Grill—Getty Images Tetra images RFMaineMaine Officials Investigating Restaurant That Calmed Lobsters With Marijuana Associated Press12:23 PM ET

A ME restaurateur is getting her lobsters high on marijuana before boiling them as a way to give them a "kinder passage" to the plate.

Charlotte Gill, owner of Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound in the Southwest Harbor village of Seawall, said Friday that officials with Maine's medical marijuana program paid her a visit on Thursday.

The owner, Charlotte Gill, put a test lobster in a box with a few inches of water before marijuana smoke was blown into the box, WMTW-TV reported.

Professor of animal work, Robert Elwood noted that a lobster is able to protect the injured limb, and says that humanity does not know enough about the brain to say if they feel pain.

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"After being contacted by the state, and upon reviewing its present laws and codes applicable to this [issue], we are completely confident that we can proceed as planned", Gill said in a statement. Crustaceans usually boiled alive, and science cannot answer, how strong the pain is experienced by animals. "Truly we are not trying to go against (the state's) wishes and would love to work with them in order for us all to make this world a kinder place".

"It's just unbelievable how it changes the meat", - said the restaurateur.

Gill believes that the treatment sedates the animals and could make their deaths less traumatic. The country banned the practice of boiling lobsters alive earlier this year, and instead suggests stunning methods such as electrocution or a stab between the eyes prior to cooking the shellfish. Besides, says the restaurateur, a relaxed lobster is much better. She's getting the lobster high. She said THC breaks down at about 400 degrees, and that her cooking methods will heat the lobster to more than 420 degrees, thus making sure there is no possibility of a "carryover effect".

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