Iran nuclear deal: Plan put forward to dodge United States sanctions

“Iran will not abandon its defensive weapons... including its missiles that make America so angry,” Rouhani said

“Iran will not abandon its defensive weapons... including its missiles that make America so angry,” Rouhani said

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday vowed to boost his country's ballistic missile capabilities despite the United States withdrawing from a multilateral nuclear deal with Tehran in May, AFP reported.

The remaining members in the Iranian nuclear deal say they will set up a new payment system to maintain business with Iran and bypass USA sanctions.

In line with findings of United Nations inspectors, Mogherini reiterated that Iran has been in compliance with the nuclear agreement - under which Tehran drastically scaled back its nuclear program in exchange for relief from sanctions.

Yesterday Mr Rouhani said that imposing sanctions on Iran "to prevent us from selling our..." On Thursday, Trump called on OPEC to lower prices, after benchmark Brent oil reached $80 a barrel, mainly stemming from a decline in exports from Iran, because of fresh US sanctions. Economic pressure would not force Tehran to the negotiating table, Rouhani said.

With Iran's economy already feeling the pinch, United States national security adviser John Bolton earlier Monday vowed to impose "maximum pressure" on Tehran, while insisting that Washington was not pushing for regime change.

Rouhani has said he has no plans to meet Trump while in NY during the marathon of meetings and slammed the offer of talks as "not genuine". In July, Trump said he would be willing to meet Iran's leader without preconditions to discuss how to improve ties.

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Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak also said no increase was needed, but he does believe a trade war between the United States and China, and the United States' sanctions on Iran are creating new challenges.

Despite Iran's fragile economy, weakened by decades of sanctions, corruption and mismanagement, it will be hard for Rouhani to consider diplomacy with the United States, which is rejected by Iran's powerful hardliners.

The value of Iran's currency, the rial, has been damaged by the new USA policy. The US maintains a fleet in the Gulf that protects oil shipping routes.

Iran has threatened to withdraw from the nuclear accord unless European nations move to neutralize the consequences of Washington's exit.

As a precondition for any dialogue, Rouhani said Trump would need to fix the damage done by exiting the nuclear deal.

"Rouhani's political career is in danger if he talks to Trump because then the multinational nuclear deal will be out of the picture and Rouhani will lose the support of his European allies for ignoring them", said a senior Iranian official from Tehran.

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