Jurgen Klopp laughs off Gary Neville's comments about Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp has a laugh with goalkeeping coaches John Achterberg and Mark Morris

Jurgen Klopp has a laugh with goalkeeping coaches John Achterberg and Mark Morris

Jurgen Klopp has hit back at pundit Gary Neville after the former Manchester United defender suggested Liverpool should abandon the Champions League to boost their Premier League title hopes.

Last season's Champions League runners-up open their campaign at home to Paris Saint Germain on Tuesday and, though Klopp admits he must rotate with seven games to play in 22 days, it will not be to dismiss the competition that Liverpool won five times.

"It's our fifth season at Tottenham and if someone knows him really well I think we do". Bring your kids in the Champions League?

I think that's what let Liverpool down in the past - they had to play well to win, whereas now they look a lot more solid defensively and can still attack and score goals.

"What I would say is Liverpool have solved the problems they had against Spurs past year, particularly at Wembley when Kane scored and Lovren made a couple of mistakes. The front three are a real problem and a handful, so I think Liverpool will challenge Man City".

Liverpool, who finished as runners-up in the Champions League last season, were forced to settle with a fourth placed finish in the league last season, which they secured during the final weekend of fixtures.

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"You have to appreciate the fans are spending their hard-earned money, put out the best team and go and try and win it". Klopp asked the reporter during his press conference.

"Gary should come over and tell me exactly how that would work".

"How do you prepare for a game and not focus on it?"

"Actually I don't like to compare players but we had similar players and questions about Robbo (Andrew Robertson) and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain", he said.

"We will see, I don't know what it means, to focus on one competition, can only be if you're almost out of a competition, late in the season".

A standard response from Klopp, who was hardly going to agree with the idea that his team should just forfeit their participation in Europe's biggest club competition, though to be fair Neville's point was more about the practicalities of enforcing Klopp's high energy game repeatedly over a short space of time.

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