Kavanaugh accuser hasn't accepted invite to testify; Dems complain about hearing plans

J. Scott Applewhite  APBrett Kavanaugh is sworn in before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington Sept. 4 2018

J. Scott Applewhite APBrett Kavanaugh is sworn in before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington Sept. 4 2018

To be sure, there is virtually no chance that Kavanaugh will be completely exonerated by the time the Senate votes to confirm him - just like there is virtually no chance he will be proven guilty.

Bob Corker also believes Kavanaugh's accuser should be heard out before the Judiciary Committee votes on his nomination, the Tennessee senator's spokesperson, Micah Johnson, said in a statement to CNN. That view, however, is not Brett Kavanaugh's, and those who wrongly would make Supreme Court hearings and confirmations "an intergalactic freak show", a theater of raw politics, must not prevail. "The FBI's role in such matters is to provide information for the use of the decision makers".

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat from NY, said an FBI investigation is "essential" to prevent the hearing from becoming merely a he said-she said affair. They have asked that the FBI conduct an investigation, a request that Republicans have rebuffed. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., the ranking member (R), speaks during a Senate Judiciary Committee markup meeting on Capitol Hill, Sept. 13, 2018, in Washington.

That's not the narrative that Christine Ford, Kavanaugh's accuser, has publicly stated.

Ford says that at a party when both were teenagers in the early 1980s, an intoxicated Kavanaugh trapped her in a bedroom, pinned her on a bed, tried to undress her and forced his hand over her mouth when she tried to scream.

Kavanaugh responded through the White House with a categorical denial. Per the Mercury News, she went so far as to tell a different friend this past July that "I've been trying to forget this all my life, and now I'm supposed to remember every little detail".

"The accusations leveled against him in no way represent the decent young man I knew", she added.

And he will do that in a scheduled hearing Monday, in what Democrats worry will be a replay of another he-said, she-said exercise in 1991 when Anita Hill came forward with sexual harassment allegations against then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas. Harry Reid (D) of Nevada, when he was Senate majority leader.

This morning, activists from the Families Belong Together Campaign, the National Immigrant Justice Center, Mamás Con Poder, and others walked out of a Senate hearing to protest the Trump administration's plan to hold immigrant children in detention indefinitely.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh appears before the Senate Judiciary Committee during his Supreme Court confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill Sept. 4 2018 in Washington D.C
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At the White House, Trump said he does not believe the Federal Bureau of Investigation needs to be involved. "Ford recalled that she did not remember if Kavanaugh and Judge were behind her or already upstairs but claimed that they were 'stumbling drunk".

Kavanaugh, 53, Trump's pick to replace the recently retired Justice Anthony Kennedy, has been vociferously resisted by Democrats, with liberal activists repeatedly disrupting the hearings.

Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont echoed Blumenthal's comments in an interview with NPR, admitting an investigation may take a couple of weeks.

"It kind of raises the question, do they want to come to the public hearing or not?"

McConnell didn't answer questions about why other witnesses wouldn't be allowed to testify. "There was a witness there - and that was this fellow (Mark) Judge".

Eshoo's statement doesn't refer to Ford by name. Mr Grassley said in an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt. But as a necessary step in evaluating these claims, I'll continue working to set them up.

Limiting the hearing to just Kavanaugh and Ford would be "inadequate, unfair, wrong and a desire not to get at the whole truth", Schumer said.

Some Democrats raised questions about whether Grassley's planned hearings were sufficient. The things that I would say, oooooh. "And I'm going to be respectful, and I hope my colleagues will be too".

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