Kawhi Leonard breaks silence, says he's excited to be a Raptor

Kawhi Leonard breaks silence, says he's excited to be a Raptor

Kawhi Leonard breaks silence, says he's excited to be a Raptor

The course of his Raptors career will be determined months from now, but anyone who hears his laugh won't forget what his start in Toronto sounded like.

"I'm a fun guy.

Obviously I love the game of basketball", Leonard said, before he was faced with more pressing questions surrounding his impending free agency at the conclusion of this campaign - a topic that will no doubt follow Leonard and the Raptors all season.

"I want to be here", Leonard said.

"I have no regrets but I want to focus on this team, this journey we have in front of us", he said.

As a Raptors fan, it's disappointing, I don't mind the team going with black-gold as an alternate colour scheme but once again, the team does not have a uniform with the name of their hometown on it.

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"I want to play here".

Ujiri said the Raptors will not "over-sell" Leonard and was adamant that Toronto is a great city, the Raptors - about to field the most expensive team in franchise history - are aiming for championships, and that the narrative about "selling" players on Toronto and the Raptors belongs in the past.

Leonard addressed the rumors that he was unhappy about being in Toronto and that he wanted to go to Los Angeles, saying that he just wanted to win. You'd think that at least the "City Edition" of all things could be the one to represent the city.

Speaking at press conference unveiling, Leonard said he had no regrets about his trade to the Raptors.

Leonard's tenure in Toronto will be one of the most-followed National Basketball Association storylines this season. He said on Monday that he is "feeling great" and is ready to play, having spent the summer taking a "step-by-step" approach to ensure he would be fully healthy for the beginning of this season. He was named NBA Finals MVP in 2014, when he helped the Spurs defeat LeBron James and the Miami Heat.

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