New evacuations ordered because of Florence flooding, dam breaches in NC

New evacuations ordered because of Florence flooding, dam breaches in NC

New evacuations ordered because of Florence flooding, dam breaches in NC

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said he knows the damage in his state will add up to billions of dollars, but said with the effects on the storm ongoing, there was no way to make a more accurate estimate. They have been placed on administrative leave, the sheriff's office said.

The death toll from Storm Florence has risen to 37 after officials confirmed the deaths of two SC mental health patients, officials say. And plenty of roads are still closed in the storm's wake.

North Carolina's farmers, meanwhile, are beginning to count up their losses.

President Trump hands out food on Wednesday at Temple Baptist Church in New Bern, N.C., where food and other supplies are being distributed.

"The rain and the water you see out there now is just the beginning", he said.

In Conway, South Carolina some residents were heading home Wednesday but only to collect their belongings and evacuate again after officials say more flooding could be on the way.

Members of the National Guard work on a long sand bag flood barrier being built by the South Carolina Department of Transportation on U.S. 501 to lesson damage to roads anticipated from floods caused by Hurricane Florence, now downgraded to a tropical depression, in Conway, South Carolina, U.S. September 19, 2018.

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And in Conway, S.C., the river is still rising.

He said the town has no water, no sewage, no gasoline and they have been told that they won't have power for eight days.

The North Carolina Pork Council (NCPC) argues, however, that in the years following Floyd, the hog industry has taken "significant steps" to minimize the threat of flooding, even closing 334 lagoons located on flood plains.

Pressure differences drive the winds, which in turn can steer and slow down storms, he said. Parts of the main north-south route on the East coast, Interstate 95, and the main road to Wilmington, Interstate 40, remain flooded and will likely be closed at least until almost the end of September, North Carolina Department of Transportation Secretary Jim Trogdon said.

In North Carolina, many started returning to flooded homes as the rivers receded. One was off the coast of the Carolinas with a chance of drifting toward the coast.

Sanderson Farms, the third largest poultry producer in the country, issued a statement on Monday that 1.7 million of its broiler chickens "were destroyed as a result of flooding". Farmers are also concerned about cotton, sweet potatoes, peanuts and corn, but swamped roads and fields have made it hard to assess the damage. And waste from those hog farms has been leaking into floodwaters.

The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality said Thursday that Duke Energy's LV Sutton Plant in Wilmington was at the highest level of alert under the company's emergency action plan.

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