Over 200 feared dead as ferry capsizes in Tanzania

Tanzania ferry capsize Dozens killed as rescue effort suspended

Over 200 feared dead as ferry capsizes in Tanzania

It is feared more than 200 people could be dead after a ferry sunk in Tanzania's Lake Victoria on Thursday.

At least 44 people have already been confirmed dead, Ukerewe District Commission Colonel Lucas Magembe said.

ODM leader Raila Odinga has sent his condolences to the families of the people who died in the MV Nyerere tragedy in Tanzania.

John Mongella, the commissioner of Mwanza, said 37 people were rescued but those efforts were suspended until daybreak Friday. The ferry capsized a few metres before docking, Mwami said.

Initial estimates showed that the vessel was carrying more than 300 people.

It's been hard for officials to establish the precise number of passengers on board since the person dispensing tickets had drowned, and the machine recording the data has been lost.

'We will be 100 percent' with storm victims
In addition, members of the Hornets organization are putting together 5,000 boxes for food banks in Charlotte, North Carolina. Roy Cooper continued to warn the state's beleaguered residents that for many areas, "the danger is still immediate".

Adam Malima, the Regional Commissioner. said: "We pray to God to give us hope in such an accident".

- There was no incident reported to the operator, Tanzania's Electrical and Mechanical Services Agency (Temesa), in the course of journey, officials say.

"We pray to God to give us hope that there has not been a high death toll".

What caused the ferry to capsize is not yet known but accidents on Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa, are common.

Some of the deadliest have occurred in Tanzania, where passenger boats are often said to be old and in poor condition.

And in 2011 almost 200 people were killed when the MV Spice Islander I sank off Tanzania's Indian Ocean coast near Zanzibar.

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