Photos Of Typhoon Mangkhut Show Damage It's Wreaking On Philippines, China

Typhoon Mangkhut rocked Hong Kong en route to mainland China on September 16 injuring scores and sending skyscrapers swaying after killing at least 30

Photos Of Typhoon Mangkhut Show Damage It's Wreaking On Philippines, China

But officials in Hong Kong are still warning residents to be cautious.

Hong Kong residents were told to stay away from the coastline and be on alert for occasional gales.

That warning came after Mangkhut's devastating march through the northern Philippines, where the storm made landfall Saturday on Luzon island with sustained winds of 205 kilometers (127 miles) per hour and gusts of 255 kph (158 mph).

Officials say that two first responders reported on Saturday to have been killed in a landslide in Cordillera province have been accounted for.

Aerial shot of flooded rice and corn fields due to heavy rains brought about by Typhoon Mangkhut near Alcala, Cagayan province, on September 16, 2018.

The 19 who died were part of a bigger group of 43 people, likely miners, and those who were still alive were feared to be trapped in an old mining bunkhouse that had collapsed under rubble, according to Tolentino. Three villagers who managed to escape told authorities what happened.

"They thought they were really safe there", the mayor said Sunday.

That's more powerful than the maximum sustained winds of 150km/h when Hurricane Florence roared into North Carolina in the U.S. on Friday.

In the region's coastal cities of Beihai, Qinzhou and Fangchenggang, over 8,000 fishing boats have returned to port, and schools will close on Monday.

Fierce winds have already torn off roofs, smashed windows and downed trees in Hong Kong, as authorities warned of the threat of storm surges and flooding from torrential rain.

In the grips of Typhoon Mangkhut on Sunday, waves crashed against the coastline in Zhuhai, southern China's Guangdong province.

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Almost half a million people were evacuated from seven cities in Guangdong province, the gambling enclave of Macau closed down casinos for the first time and the Hong Kong Observatory told people to stay away from the Victoria Harbour, where storm surges battered the waterfront reinforced with sandbags. In the city's inner harbor district, the water level reached 1.5 meters (5 feet) on Sunday and was expected to rise further.

At 4 p.m. local time, the storm was 110 kilometers (68 miles) west-southwest of Hong Kong, and heading for the surrounding Pearl River Delta, home to 120 million people, the HKO reported later Sunday.

Hundreds of flights were cancelled.

About 228,000 people have been relocated in the region, and 98 flights were cancelled in Nanning, the region's capital city, as of 7 p.m. on Sunday. All high-speed and some normal rail services in...

In the Philippines, rescuers for the Itogon landslide were hampered by rain and mud.

Rescue workers make their way through floodwaters during a rescue operation during Super Typhoon Mangkhut in Macau.

After the typhoon hit Macau, 15 people were reported injured and 20,000 households lost power, according to the South China Morning Post.

The hardest-hit area was Benguet province, where 38 people died, mostly in the two landslides in Itogon, and 37 are missing, the police said.

The Philippines appeared to have been spared the high number of casualties many had feared.

Today's havoc comes after the typhoon tore across the Philippines northern island on Saturday, leaving a trail of destruction, killing more than 50 people, many of them in landslides, according to the government.

Palangdan said the area where the bunkhouse was located was "dangerous because there was a big tunnel mined" by a private corporation decades ago, blaming mining for the landslides that hit the town of almost 60,000 people.

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