Reporter "Bracing For His Life" Against Hurricane Florence Goes Viral

Credit The Weather Channel

Credit The Weather Channel

The internet went wild, forcing the Weather Channel to issue a statement defending their reporter.

Seidel, who was shooting a live segment in Wilmington, North Carolina on Friday, is seen rocking back and forth and tipping sideways as winds barrel against him as he says the hurricane "is about as nasty as it has been".

The Weather Channel responded to criticism saying that exhaustion and slippery conditions made it hard for their reporter to stand.

"He moves in ways that don't look like wind is pushing him at all", one person said on Twitter.

Twitter user, @gourdnibler recorded the footage and posted it to Twitter with the caption.

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However, a short clip of one of Seidel's live hits went viral over the weekend, showing the reporter exaggerating the intensity of the storm. But, the storm also provided a hilarious piece of television as a weatherman attempted to show just how strong the winds now were despite the fact that two men casually strolled by in the background with no difficulty at all.

As of Saturday afternoon, the video on Twitter had been viewed more than 9.3 million times and had received more than 115,000 retweets.

Weather reporters covering Hurricane Florence no doubt dealt with hammering wind, driving rain, and charging storm surge.

Some social media users made a decision to recreate the "dramatic" coverage.

Meteorologists warned the Carolinas that Hurricane Florence might be the "storm of the century", inundating the southeast coastline with catastrophic wind and "biblical" flooding.

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