Russian Federation to provide Syria with new missile system, over Israeli opposition

Russian Federation to provide Syria with new missile system, over Israeli opposition

Russian Federation to provide Syria with new missile system, over Israeli opposition

U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton said on Monday that Russian plans to supply Syria with an S-300 missile system would be a "significant escalation" by Moscow and that he hopes it will reconsider. Russia laid the blame squarely on Israel, saying that its fighter jet pushed the Russian aircraft into the line of fire.

Although Russia suggested that its immediate goal in supplying the missiles would be to protect Russian aircraft from accidental shoot-downs, the S-300s will also give Syria enhanced capacity to take on any of the other countries flying sorties in its crowded skies, including the United States and its allies in the coalition against the Islamic State.

Shoigu went on television to say that Russian Federation is now going to go ahead with the shipment because "the situation has changed, and it's not our fault". During a Syrian air defenses counterattack, the Russian spy plane was shot down by an S-200 anti-aircraft missile and its 15 crew members were killed. It has long lobbied Moscow not to provide the S-300 system to Syria.

In an indirect warning at Israel, President Vladimir Putin's military said it would also start to jam the radar and satellite signals of planes that attack Syrian territory from the Mediterranean.

Bolton said the United States was doing everything it could to ensure Syria did not use chemical weapons and had pressed Russian Federation about the issue as well.

A Russian plane was accidentally shot down by Syria as Israeli jets were attacking Assad regime targets in the war-torn country last week.

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The delivery of the missile system had been suspended in 2013 following an Israeli request, according to a statement by the Russian ministry of defence. One former military official who spoke on the condition of anonymity said that USA pilots had several incidents over the years where Syrian systems would launch missiles as they were flying overhead, but nothing came close to hitting a US jet.

"This is a very ungrateful response to everything Russian Federation has done for Israel".

Russian Federation is providing Syria an air missile system, which is drawing strong objections from Israel. "One thing needs to be clear: If someone shoots at our planes, we will destroy them", he explained.

Russian antiicraft missile systems - the S-300, right, and the S-400 - on display at a military industrial exhibition in Zhukovsky, in the Moscow region, on August 14, 2014.

The reconnaissance plane's downing "was indeed preceded by a chain of tragic accidents", Peskov said, but this chain was set in motion "largely by the deliberate actions of Israeli pilots".

Earlier on Sunday, the Russian defense ministry released the findings of its investigation into the downing of the plane and the deaths of the crew. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the strikes had removed any moral obligation Russian Federation had to withhold the missiles and Russia's Kommersant daily cited unnamed military sources as saying deliveries might begin imminently.

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