Scary, concerning details emerge about Everson Griffen's mental state after hotel incident

Mike Zimmer on Everson Griffen'I've always loved Everson

Mike Zimmer on Everson Griffen'I've always loved Everson

Minnesota Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen reportedly was undergoing a mental health check at a Minneapolis-area hospital Monday after a scary incident this weekend.

NFL Media, which cited unidentified sources, reported that Griffen "has been dealing for weeks with a serious, personal health-related issue", adding that concerns about Griffen's mental health were ongoing before Saturday's reported incident at Hotel Ivy. "We know he's strong and he's going to push through it, and we just want him to know that we've got his back".

A three-time Pro Bowler, Griffen registered a half-sack in each of the Vikings' first two games. He signed a four-year contract extension last summer. It's unclear whether he remains hospitalized but he will not be available for Thursday night's game against the Rams in Los Angeles. Zimmer made it clear that Griffen is missed both on the field and in the locker room, but said there are more important things to be anxious about.

He was told not to play in Sunday's game against Buffalo and was not present at the stadium. It's unclear whether the Vikings expect him back at all this season. "In the five years I've been here, I've always loved Everson, the effort that he puts out, the work that he does. He's always been a really, really good model for us and obviously he's going through some tough times now".

According to a police report obtained by Paul Walsh of The Star Tribune, Griffen's wife said he left home on September 16 after he awoke suddenly in the middle of the night, which is something he does at times when fighting "demons" in his head. There, he threatened employees.

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Later that day, Griffen arrived at the west suburban home of teammate Trae Waynes and briefly let himself in, later telling police he went there because, according to the document, "God made me do it".

"To clarify, there was no attempted break-in at our home and at no point did my family or I feel unsafe". He was not wearing a shirt when he did this, left then drove to a gas station in excelsior where he got out, spotted someone he thought he knew and got in their vehicle leaving his vehicle behind.

By then, police had been dispatched there and on the way stopped the man who had been driving Griffin around. Additionally, Klawiter told police that the organization was anxious that Griffen could hurt himself, as well as his wife and children, according to the report.

Griffen's erratic behavior continued in the Minnetrista neighborhood where he ordinarily lives with his wife and children.

The report details a series of conversations between Griffen and police in which he expressed fear for his life, mentioned the number 777 and asked if police had slain his parents.

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