Security breach at Lyon Airport, a auto chase on runway, flights grounded

Dramatic police chase at Lyon airport after driver smashes through perimeter fence onto runway

Security breach at Lyon Airport, a auto chase on runway, flights grounded

Officers chase a man after he smashes his auto through a perimeter fence at Saint-Exupéry airport on Monday.

An official at the local public prosecutor's office said the driver abandoned his vehicle and tried to flee on foot but was surrounded by officers and arrested.

Still chased by police, he then crashed through two glass doors at the airport's Terminal 1 to drive onto the runways, authorities said.

The man is then seen nearly crashing into an embankment and then fleeing on foot as he is eventually swarmed by police, despite his best efforts to outrun them.

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The incident on Monday morning sparked a huge police chase, with around 20 vehicles and a helicopter following the man, who at one point got out of his vehicle and ran off on foot.

Early reports suggest a man has been arrested at the scene.

Flights were grounded at Lyon-Saint-Exupery worldwide airport after the auto hurtled across the runway zone before coming to a halt on rough ground next to the tarmac.

Flights have been halted at the major French airport.

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