Surgeon, girlfriend 'drug, sexually assault women'

Surgeon, girlfriend 'drug, sexually assault women'

Surgeon, girlfriend 'drug, sexually assault women'

To his well-heeled Californian patients Grant Robicheaux was an elite orthopaedic surgeon, a keen sportsman and a morally upright citizen who volunteered overseas in his spare time.

Robicheaux once appeared in a reality TV show called "Online Dating Rituals of the American Male".

Both Robicheaux, 38, and Riley, 31, are facing felony charges of rape by use of drugs, oral sex using a controlled substance, assault with intent to commit a sexual offense and possession of controlled substances. She suggested to viewers that "there might be some dark skeletons in that closet".

Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas said that the victims "might have felt a false sense of security" around the pair because they are "clean-cut and good looking".

The clips, the officials said, show women who "appear to be highly intoxicated beyond the ability to consent or resist, and they're barely responsive to the defendant's sexual advances". Robicheaux is also charged with possessing assault weapons.

Prosecutors believe that Robicheaux and Riley also might have assaulted other women at such out-of-town events as Burning Man in Nevada and the Splash House Festival in Palm Springs and are calling on any other alleged victims to come forward. Riley's profession is unclear, he added.

Riley is an aspiring educator who worked occasionally as a substitute teacher in Fullerton, Senior Deputy District Attorney Michael Carroll said.

"We have all heard of a wolf dressed up in sheep's clothing", Rackauckas said.

"Well, a wolf can wear scrubs or doctors" clothing. More drugs were reportedly given to the alleged victim before the assault took place.

A 32-year-old woman met the couple in a local restaurant in April 2016 and they invited her to a party, authorities alleged.

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Rackauckas said that the duo are suspected of preying on women at bars and either getting them intoxicated with large amounts of alcohol or using drugs to put them in a state where they were no longer able to take control.

She contacted Newport Beach police the following day and tested positive for a number of unspecified drugs, the prosecutor said.

The pair apparently used ecstasy, date rape drugs and cocaine to incapacitate their victims before assaulting them at Robicheaux's home in Newport Beach, he said. The DA's office says she awoke and screamed for help until a neighbor called police to the scene.

"The second defendant being a female is key - the woman reporting to be his girlfriend clearly played a significant role in disarming the victims and making them feel comfortable", explained Rackauckas.

The investigation into the couple didn't have a breakthrough until January of this year, when police had enough evidence to execute a search warrant on Robicheaux's apartment.

On Jan. 9, 2018 the defendants were found in possession of large quantities of illegal drugs, authorities said - Robicheaux had two illegal and unregistered assault rifles, four other guns and several large capacity magazines. Police arrested Dr. Grant Robicheaux and Cerissa Riley last Friday.

They issued a plea for other possible victims to come forward Tuesday after finding videos of hundreds of intoxicated women on the couple's phones.

Robicheaux and Riley deny the allegations.

"I want to know what's wrong with you", Dr Robicheaux's first date told him over dinner in one episode, "because you seem, like, too perfect". "Based on this evidence, we believe there may be many unidentified victims out there".

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