Texas Board of Education votes to remove Hillary Clinton from history curriculum

Texas Board of Education votes to remove Hillary Clinton from history curriculum

Texas Board of Education votes to remove Hillary Clinton from history curriculum

The Texas Board of Education has recommended that coverage of Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller be axed from the state history curriculum in order to "streamline" it.

Then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gestures as she speaks at a campaign rally on November 2, 2016, in Tempe, Ariz.

"However the board did vote to agree with the work groups' recommendations, ' she noted".

Eliminating Clinton will save about 30 minutes of teachers' time. Keller, an icon in the disabled community who became an activist and author despite being deaf and blind, was taught as a part of the state's third grade social studies curriculum, reported the Morning News.

The Texas Board of Education voted to streamline the curriculum for social studies.

While Clinton, Keller and other figures were eliminated, that does not mean teachers in the state are prohibited from offering lessons about them.

Reinsert the biblical figure of Moses and remove Thomas Hobbes from section on "individuals whose principles of laws and government institutions informed the American founding".

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Instead the board unanimously voted to include this revised language to the seventh-grade Texas history standards: "Explain the issues surrounding significant events of the Texas Revolution, including the Battle of Gonzales, the siege of the Alamo, William B. Travis's letter 'To the People of Texas and All Americans in the World, ' and the heroism of the diverse defenders who gave their lives there; the Constitutional Convention of 1836; Fannin's surrender at Goliad; and the Battle of San Jacinto".

The committee's had called "heroic", in reference to the battle, a "value-charged' term, according to the Texas Tribune".

Local members of the Texas legislature rated a 20.

Why did the board vote to toss Clinton - the first female presidential nominee of a major party, who won more votes than the Republican candidate, Donald Trump; a US senator, a USA secretary of state; and a first lady - from the curriculum?

At least two committee members said the group concluded that there were too many historical figures for Texas kids to study, so they graded candidates based whether they triggered a "watershed change" and if they were from an "underrepresented group", the paper reported.

High Schoolers have previously been required to learn about Clinton - former secretary of state, first lady and the first female to win a major party's political nomination - in history class.

Clinton reportedly scored a five on the 20-point grading rubric, and Keller scored a seven.

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