The iPhone XS has a smaller battery capacity than the iPhone X

The Rugged Tri Folio has 4 card slots and 2 cash

The Rugged Tri Folio has 4 card slots and 2 cash

Rectangular or cylindrical batteries are pretty common, but the iPhone XS' one-cell L-shaped battery is something else.

Apple superfans today queued outside stores around the world to be among the first to get their hands on a new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and Apple Watch Series 4.

Last year's iPhone X is on top, while the XS and XS Max are in gold below.

As you can see, results of the head height drop were a bit different, with the original iPhone X suffering a small but noticeable crack in its front-facing display, and the iPhone XS remaining blemish free. It's the first eSIM in an iPhone, but interestingly the same as the one found in the Apple Watch 3, iFixit pointed out.

Photos on Weibo show only a handful of people gathered outside the Apple Store in Beijing's famed Wangfujing shopping district on Friday morning. Inside was a review sample of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

While the asymmetry of the speaker and mic grilles on the bottom of XS and XS Max might look a little jarring, by deleting two holes on left, Apple made room for an extra antenna band, which according to test results from SpeedSmart, Tom's Guide, and others, resulted in a serious improvement in LTE data speeds.

"It cost me more than $1,700", Quan Vu says smiling as he caresses his new iPhone XS Max.

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In the couple years since that introduction, Google has expanded the ELS feature to Android users around the world, brining it to 14 countries.

I actually feel as if the iPhone XS Max is more comfortable to hold than the Note 9.

Waiting times are shorter than previous year when the iPhone X went on sale.

This year's demand isn't as extreme as the early years of the iPhone, or even last year with the iPhone X. The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have faster processors, camera improvements, and the Max offers a bigger screen.

That makes teardowns the only way of establishing the breakdown of parts in the phones, although analysts also recommend caution in drawing conclusions because Apple sometimes uses more than one supplier for a part.

The focus on pre-orders led to disappointment for some.

"I hoped I could walk in and buy one, however I was told supply for on-site purchase is insufficient", Cao said in Hong Kong.

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