Watch The Moment Meghan Markle Sees Wedding Dress For The First Time

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Meghan Markle's eyes light up and a radiant smile spreads across her face - this is the heart-warming moment the Duchess of Sussex sees her wedding dress for the first time since she wore it on the happy day she became Prince Harry's wife. "It'll keep us busy".

A snippet of Meghan's reaction to her dress was shown in the trailer for Queen of the World, a new ITV documentary series about Queen Elizabeth II, 92.

Well I don't know about you guys, but I'm cancelling all plans so I can watch Queen of the World, a new doco all about the British Royal Family that is set to premiere on United Kingdom telly station iTV next week.

The source told "Entertainment Tonight": "She really is taking the new job part of her role seriously having meetings with Palace staff and learning about the Commonwealth so she can support Harry in his new role as Commonwealth Youth Ambassador".

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"Have you bumped into the Queen yet?"

If you've ever wondered how Meghan Markle reacted when she first saw her - frankly stunning - wedding dress, then wonder no more. "I know you do".

Queen of the World will air at 9.15pm on Tuesday 25th September ad it follows a year in the life of the royal family, including Prince Charles, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton.

ITV's Jo Clinton-Davis said: "This film is a rare opportunity to see Her Majesty up close and behind the scenes in this role, which means so much to her and has been so significant for Britain and the Commonwealth".

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