White House Corrects Trump’s Tweet on GDP, Unemployment

The president tweeted a video wishing Clinton a'Happy Anniversary that showed her speech from

White House Corrects Trump’s Tweet on GDP, Unemployment

But as he answered a question from a reporter about Trump's tweet, he also bashfully recalled an earlier incident when he gave Sanders a "bad number".

Asked about the veracity of the statement later that day at a White House press briefing, Hassett said: "So I can tell you what is true".

In the 70 years since the Labour Department started publishing monthly jobless numbers, the growth rate has been higher than the unemployment level more than 20% of the time when compared with GDP, which is reported quarterly.

But as of 3.15 pm in NY, shortly after Hassett conceded the error and hours after the claim was challenged in news stories, Trump's false tweet about GDP and unemployment remained online.

Gasparino's tweet referenced Trump's incorrect assertion that GDP had exceeded the nation's unemployment rate for the first time in 100 years.

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"It is wrong for a President to use divisive language", Rubio factitiously agreed with former President Obama, before listing examples of Obama's divisive tactics, such as labeling opponents of same-same marriage as "bigots", calling the pro-life movement a "war on women", categorizing those who want immigration laws enforced as "racists", and suggesting Republicans are the "enemy of Hispanics". "There's no answer to it", Obama said. I guess I have a magic wand, 4.2%, and we will do MUCH better than this!

"Some of those jobs from the past are just not gonna come back", Obama said in a clip starting Trump's video.

"I'm not the chairman of the council of Twitter advisers", he said.

The economy was, however, struggling when Obama took office in 2009. The bulk of that decade of growth was under Obama's presidency, and can fairly be credited to him. "It's a leadership failure in the beginning", Wilson argued. "Otherwise he'll jump out of the race, run as an independent, and he'll screw up with these populist voters.'" Watch the interview above to hear why Wilson blames the party's "money folks" and how they wrongly approached the 2016 race, plus how the GOP can save its historical legacy from being destroyed by Trump.

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