White House says everything is fine, though signs point otherwise

Donald Dossier Polygraphs All Around

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Woodward, who has covered every administration since his groundbreaking coverage of President Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal, said yes.

Amid explosive allegations that some White House officials are actively working against President Donald Trump's agenda, Donald Trump Jr. told ABC News the number of people in the White House that his father can trust is smaller than he'd like.

Trump and the White House, along with numerous senior officials including Defense Secretary James Mattis and chief of staff John Kelly, strongly disputed the book's content. While Woodward said he didn't do that, he explained how he works with the sources who tell him things, checking the information he has been told and verifying it with other sources to confirm the information.

Bob Woodward in NY on September 10, 2018.

Woodward replied that these "political statements", denying the quotes in the book, were designed "to protect their jobs".

"Well, I am the one doing - asking the questions", Guthrie said.

He praised Trump's legislative accomplishments, which he said Woodward's book ignores, and said the president "invites robust discussion" from aides. Then the president says, "We're losing so much money and trade with South Korea and China and others".

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He said The Washington Post reporting duo started using unnamed sources "because you can't get the truth, you won't get the straight story from someone if you do it on the record". In his 1987 book "Veiled" about the CIA, Woodward attributed quotes he claimed to have gotten from former CIA Director William Casey. The book describes moments when staff members joined together to purposefully block what they believe are the president's most risky impulses - sometimes by surreptitiously removing papers from the president's desk.

"The Woodward book is a scam", Trump tweeted on Friday.

Based on several anonymous White House sources, Woodward's book provides insight into the White House's dysfunctional attempts to effect policy, and the transgender military ban is no exception. And about the third visit, they say, 'Oh yeah, maybe I have something upstairs, ' and then they come downstairs with three boxes of documents. "But someone actively trying to undermine the duly elected president and the entire executive branch of government, that seems quite problematic to me and something they should take a look at", she said.

"He (Modi) told me the USA has gotten nothing out of Afghanistan".

"If he were advising Pence", Woodward adds, "Cohn would have had him do exactly that - stay out of it".

Trump told journalists he "really" appreciated the pair's statements, which helped show that "the book is just a piece of fiction".

The book claims that Trump falsely suggested that McCain took an early-release from the PoW camp in Vietnam-something that Mattis quickly told the President wasn't true.

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