Wide Receiver Dez Bryant Spent Sunday Watching-and Trolling-His Former Team

Redemption Once banished Randy Gregory's Cowboys career resumes

Redemption Once banished Randy Gregory's Cowboys career resumes

Bryant seemed opposed the idea of returning to Dallas.

The team felt it was time to move on and the decision didn't sit well with Bryant as he continues to search for a new team in the National Football League as Week 1 gets underway.

That has left the Cowboys searching for answers on offense and they struggled in their season opener, losing 16-8 to the Carolina Panthers.

Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant is still without a squad after the team released him months ago, but that hasn't stopped him from giving his opinion on the team during the game.

Bryant believes numerous Cowboys problems on offense would be solved if he and Bailey had been kept on the roster.

"It's kind of cool calling out all of the signals and knowing which route players are about run", he wrote.

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And like a true fan, Bryant tweeted throughout the game, sharing his thoughts about the Cowboys' loss.

After a barrage of tweets, Bryant said he would be done talking about the Cowboys after Sunday.

Upon multiple people in his mentions saying he was making a pitch/begging teams to sign him, Bryant attempted to dispel that notion.

It's hard to break things down as simply as that, but it certainly wouldn't have hurt this team.

Ezekiel Elliott took a while to get going.

"I love Jerry", Bryant responded. "I honestly don't think HE wanted me gone so I feel his pain". And that predictably brought the focus back to Dez Bryant.

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