Woodward: Trump 'detached from reality,' jeopardizes national security

Chip Somodevilla  Getty Images North America

Chip Somodevilla Getty Images North America

"This book does not accurately portray my experience at the White House", Cohn said in a statement to Axios.

Kelly is quoted calling Trump "an idiot", and Mattis is quoted saying Trump has the understanding of "a fifth or sixth-grader", but they've said they didn't make those statements.

Don Jr. offered his own theory on who was behind last week's opinion piece, which claimed White House staff are deliberately frustrating numerous president's orders. The media have "left out part of the story: repeated, credible charges - including from well-respected fellow journalists - that in previous books Woodward embellished the truth, made dubious bombshell claims or was otherwise misleading", The Daily Caller's Peter Hasson details in an extensive report.

Equally seriously, Woodward claims that after Trump was put through a rehearsal for testifying before special counsel Robert Muller, his then-lawyer advised, "Don't testify". Such a move, if it went beyond the whispering stage, would require not only the approval of Vice President Mike Pence and a majority of senior cabinet members but also two-thirds of the members of both the House and Senate.

But on Monday, the White House reasserted its interest in studying whether any laws were broken by the explosive op-ed's author.

" 'Dowd knew he could not bring himself to say to the president, you're a [expletive] liar.' And that's how you end the book", Colbert said.

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The book's release on Tuesday will follow an anonymous op-ed published last week in the New York Times describing senior administration officials' attempts to thwart the president in a "resistance" movement to protect the nation, dealing Trump a one-two punch in what is perhaps the toughest stretch of his presidency.

Woodward's book went on sale Tuesday and was No. 1 on the top 10 list for Apple's iBooks. "It's the worst job in America". The Cohn comments are just one of the many revelations from Bob Woodward's book, "Fear".

In a series of Tweets Monday, the president continued to lash out at Woodward personally and his book's portrayal of Trump as a foul-mouthed and bumbling egotist. "I don't talk the way I am quoted". I mean, to try to control the presidency while not the president.

Mr. Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One last week that if Mr. Cohn stole papers from his desk, he would "never speak to him again".

That's right, the deafening stomping sound you hear is The Big Grundle trying to walk back all those things he told Bob Woodward about how apocalyptically stupid and adolescent he found the current leader of the free world to be.

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