A Bad Rap? "SNL" Goes After Trump, Kanye West in Cold Open

A Bad Rap?

A Bad Rap? "SNL" Goes After Trump, Kanye West in Cold Open

Jost then suggested really Meyers was to blame "for making fun of Trump so much that he made a decision to become president".

There's more - a lot more - including Kanye declaring "I am the best living recording artist", boasting about his IQ and assuring us all he's not insane. he just needs some sleep.

"The 13th amendment is a trapdoor...and why would you install a trapdoor when you could end up with the Unabomber?", was one of the lines delivered by Redd in an attempt to make West's remarks look even more off-kilter.

The "SNL" version of West then switches topics to Chicago's murder rate, which he claims is declining so fast that "We're going to be digging bodies out of the ground". "He doesn't listen to anyone but himself, who does he remind me of?" "Kanye wants to be Trump's famous friend because Obama called Kanye a jackass and if the president of the United States called you a jackass you'd go, 'You know who I like?" "I'm a stable genius".

Saudi slams 'baseless lies' over Khashoggi's disappearance
He has also halted discussions about a $1bn ($NZ1.54b) investment by the Saudi sovereign wealth fund into Virgin's space ventures. Separately, a video has emerged of men described as Saudi intelligence officers entering and leaving Turkey.

"Oh my God, he's black me!"

"The only place those two should meet is in group", Meyers said.

Thompson also got a chance to explore Brown's inner monologue through voiceover in the sketch, wondering, among other things, if it was possible for a person to be "tri-polar". "I played football with a leather helmet, and my brain is still working better than his?"

Of course "Saturday Night Live" would poke fun at President Trump's White House confab with rapper Kanye West last week.

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