Borderlands 2 VR port hitting PS4 in December

Borderlands 2 VR port hitting PS4 in December

Borderlands 2 VR port hitting PS4 in December

Despite being more than six years old at this point, Borderlands 2 seems like one of those perennial games that people keep returning to.

And this version of Borderlands 2 is a single player experience, which means Vault Hunter skills that rely on teamwork are out. There's also the option to Teleport, which lets you glide across the world of Pandora to truly take in the lovely sights.

Borderlands 2 VR looks like the real deal on PlayStation VR.

Become a Virtual Vault Hunter: Take on the role of one of four playable classes - Siren, Commando, Gunzerker and Assassin - each with unique combat styles and updated skills that leverage the new VR functionality, including the new BAMF Time ability. Whereas before, hopping in a vehicle would zoom the player out to a third person camera, Borderlands 2 VR allows players to jump directly behind the wheel.

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You'll also be able to navigate the in-game menus using PS Move controllers and a drag and drop system.

In addition, players will now be able to slow down time (known as "BAMF Time" or "BadAss Mega Fun Time") during firefights to gain an advantage, as well as an all-new first-person perspective for driving around. Among other things, according to the site, the game will bring players closer to the action and can be controlled with a combination of real-time aiming along with a standard PlayStation controller. It's the full game reworked with VR in mind, with the entire pursuit of Handsome Jack and his cronies included in the new package.

A week from today, on October 16, a new DLC pack for Firewall Zero Hour will be available, and Sony also said VR shooter Megalith will launch on January 8, with a free trial coming November 13.

Get Virtually Rich: Borderlands VR brings shoot-and-loot mechanics to VR with bazillions of procedurally-generated guns and gear, each with their own capabilities and modifiers. Borderlands 2 VR will release on December 14, 2018, and will retail for $49.99.

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