"Diablo Reign of Terror" Merch Found On Blizzard Store

"Diablo Reign of Terror" Merch Found On Blizzard Store

Six years after the last sequel, however, I think many fans will be surprised if we don't, at the very least, catch a glimpse of Diablo 4.

It seems like Diablo III cross-play could be a potential feature for Activision Blizzard's action-RPG.

The representative stated during the chat that it's a "question of when, not if," meaning the support will be imminent.

At a recently Diablo III: Eternal Collection preview event, Business Insider has been told that cross-platform play is in the works and will definitely happen. Presently, the publisher can't disclose specifics.

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BlizzCon is less than a month away, and the team over at Blizzard has already confirmed numerous times already that we've got some major Diablo news coming our way.

Although there is no official announcement yet, Blizzard is reportedly in talks with Sony and Microsoft to enable cross-platform play across competing consoles. Yet, now that cross-play is allowed on PlayStation 4 in Fortnite, the possibilities are beyond wishful thinking.

While it is very likely that a new Diablo game will be revealed during Blizzcon 2018, it is unclear if Diablo Reign of Terror is in reference to the unannounced title, or is simply a nod to Diablo 3. Is this an entirely new entry in the series, another expansion for Diablo III, or might this be related to the reported Netflix series? Nevertheless, we know the legendary dev/publisher has something new in store regarding their hellscape franchise, something besides the Nintendo Switch port.

There's been a bit of buzz going around about an alleged leak from Blizzard's upcoming convention BlizzCon, which normally takes place at the start of November.

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